Pass Bot, Your Financial Guide with Auto Robotic Trading System

4 min readJan 6, 2021

Hello, it’s CeFi.

Today, we would like to introduce you our second partner, Pass Bot after the first partner, Token pass. As the name reveals itself, Pass Bot is an automatic trading robotic system on AI technology, which can help you as a guide in your financial life.

Advanced AI Auto Robotic Trading System for Your Smarter Crypto Financial Services

CeFi has adopted Pass Bot to help our users make more efficient and smarter trading and investment decisions in an effort to construct a more ‘user friendly’ financial ecosystem.

PS. Today’s story will be covered in a Q&A form to help your understanding.

Q. What is Pass Bot?

= It’s an Artificial Intelligent automatic robotic trading system which can act like a guide for your financial activities. Thanks to our user friendly designed platform, both beginners and experts in the blockchain and crypto field are able to make more optimal decisions using the bot through its easy access and simple features.

Q. Where can I try this service?

= CeFi plans to offer auto trading and arbitrage services at the global crypto exchange, Binance as well as at the domestic exchanges, BitThumb and Upbit.

Q. Is Pass Bot only available in the crypto market?

= No, the service will be extended to be adopted to F/X and stock trading field.

Q. Any other benefits from Pass Bot?

= CeFi users will be able to receive incentives by the bot automatically depending on their level of contributions in the ecosystem. This can guarantee the transparency and credibility of the platform.

Q. Can anybody use the Pass Bot service?

= Yes, as long as you are part of the CeFi’s ecosystem, all of our users are able to utilize this bot service. You will be required to pay a portion of your monthly profits as a ‘Charge’ for its usage. Our user friendly platform will be offering a simple and comprehensive interface and registration process so that the users are able to use the bot as much conveniently as possible.

Q. I don’t know anything about Bot, is it okay?

= Of course! Our priority is to construct a friendly financial ecosystem for every single user no matter how much knowledge they have in this field. Therefore, we provide users from beginners to experts with a place where all can enjoy more convenient and easy auto trading/arbitrage services.

As for the beginners, the bot will be automatically handling the trade according to the user’s default option; thus, the most optimal bid/offer can be performed to maximize one’s profits. Also, though you may lack knowledge and experience in trading/investment, simple UX/UI will be applied to enable beginners to follow easily.

As for more experienced users, they can take advantage of the bot as a trading partner getting second opinions from the bot for more options.

Q. What is Pass Bot different from other bots?

= CeFi considers our users’ convenience as our top priority; therefore, we strive to find a way to maximize this value by establishing a user friendly financial platform. Our biggest strength is the fact that the Pass Bot will be equipped with the easiest and simplest visual interface so that any users can easily access to trading/investment, utilize its features, and maximize profits by making more reasonable decisions using the Pass Bot.

Moreover, Pass bot will be featured with a function that returns incentives automatically back to the users depending on the degree of their contributions. Therefore, this can achieve one of the aspects of the ‘decentralization’ acheiving a transparency and trustworthiness of the platform.

Q. How does Pass Bot affect the CeFi ecosystem?

= Adopting the bot system to the financial ecosystem will contribute to the increase of trading volume and activity of the users by helping users make more optimal decision at the best timing. The more active trading, the more incentives back to the users. Ultimately, this can lead to the growth and expansion of the ecosystem. Then, CeFi will be able to provide more benefits as the ecosystem grows. As a result, thanks to the Pass Bot, we can sustain a virtuous cycle for the sake of the whole ecosystem.

Got smarter about the Pass Bot now?

Technical issues will be touched on by our developers later on.

Next up, our third partner, Ark Of Data.

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