Next Generation Digital Asset Protection Service, Ark of Data

3 min readJan 21, 2021

Hello, this is team CeFi.

Today, we will be introducing you of our third partner, Ark of Data.

Before we get started, let us remind you of the other two partners of ours:

Our first partner, Token Pass is a P2P Multi Wallet in the CeFi ecosystem driven from the convergence of the Fin-Tech and Blockchain technology.

Our second partner, Pass Bot is the advanced automatic AI trading robotic system for crypto financial transactions.

Last but not least, our third partner, Ark of Data is a next generation digital asset protection service for building a safer and more convenient environment for all services done in our ecosystem.

Next Generation Digital Asset Protection Service, Ark of Data

The story today will be delivered in a 5W1H format for your better understanding.

What is Ark of Data?

  • What : Next generation Crypto Asset Protection Service
  • (for) Whom : All users or groups in the CeFi ecosystem
  • When (to use) : Verify your identity or ownership of your crypto asset on the chain
  • Where (to use) : within the Wallet or all transactions applicable in the CeFi ecosystem
  • How (to use) : services with your smartphone SMS or at websites
  • Why (would you use)

1. Convenience

  • No hassles for registration / App installation / verification of user ID
  • Service availability via mobile phones worldwide
  • Simple application using receive-only email address (e.g.
  • “Data Registration” possible via simple SMS (short message service)

2. Credibility

  • Verification/Authentication of users’ phone numbers during the transfer
  • Encryption/Safekeeping/Preservation through/at the state designated e-Document Integrated Support Center
  • Support requests for reading or issuing certificates of users

3. Transparency

  • Impossible to forge such preserved documents
  • Verify or authenticate data integrity
  • Granting legal force (based on the revised e-document law)
  • Recovery/Restoration of lost or missing data

Hence, Ark of Data is a tool for digital protection which has secured ‘convenience, credibility, and transparency’ for a safer and more simple asset management for users when verifying their identity or attempting to managing their assets more uniformly in the CeFi ecosystem.

To sum up, users in the CeFi ecosystem can take advantage of our multi wallet for integrated asset management in their real and financial life, the bot system which would help them utilize such assets more wisely, and the digital protection service guaranteeing a security of every activity of our users’ financial lives. Thereby, we are beginning to build a future-oriented financial life era on blockchain.

We will be back with another story soon:)

Thank you.