CeFi Listing on J-Bit Exchange [Announcement]

1 min readJan 20, 2021

Hello, this is CeFi.
CeFi will be listed on the Jbit exchange, the next generation crypro exchange for financial platform!
We are holding an event for Korean Won market transaction. We hope for your enthusiastic participation :)

Event Period: Jan 22, 16:00 ~ Feb 04, 16:00

Date of Announcement and Payment: Feb 9, 2021

Method of Payment: Gifticon to Jbit wallet or registered cellphone numbers

🌱Event for Opening Wallet: for Users opening CeFi Coin Wallet

Rewardinf Cefi Coin worth of 3,000 won based on the Feb 04 close, 2021.

🌱Best Trading Event

- 1st Prize(1 person): 10 ETH
- 2nd Prize(2 persons): 5ETH
- 3rd Prize(3 persons): 2 ETH
- 4rd Prize(4 persons): 50,000 won worth of Shinsegye department store gift card
- 5th Prize(20 persons): Starbucks coffee giftcon

Transaction Info
- Name of the Listing coin: CeFi
- Deposit and Transaction Starting Date: Jan 22(Fri) 16:00(KST), 2021
- Listing Market: KRW