CeFi, Decentralized Integrated Crypto Asset Management Platform

Welcome to the CeFi platform.

CeFi is a decentralized virtual asset management integrated platform. We provide Defi digital wallet whose technology is a result of a convergence of the FinTech and Blockchain. Also, we offer a fast and convenient asset protection service with more upgraded layers of digital security. Last but not least, our automatic robotic system can help our users make smarter trading decisions. All can be done in our CeFi ecosystem.

Problems in Current Financial Market

  • The Unnecessary third intermediator

Each financial organization demands different requirements and regulations for financial activities from remittances, payments, trading, or investment to loans leading to cumbersome processes and high commissions. Even more barriers can be encountered when dealing globally.

Even though the world is becoming more technologically innovative and globalized, we still live in a place where such barriers incur inconvenience and restrictions in the financial life.

Weakness from Current/Existing Financial Projects

  • Centralized Financial Platform

Current DeFi platforms have no large user base, and seem to exist only for a small number of crypto investors. Also, these platforms are not supposed to voice themselves out being ‘decentralized’ since they are directly involved in managing and operating their users’ own assets and loans.

  • Inefficiency in token trade and swaps

Though the blockchain technology is in the developing stage, managing and trading crypto asset on blockchian is not so much as efficient. For instance, the most common ERC 20 token swap on Ethereum smart contract accounts for considerable time and high commission due to a number of confirmation steps.

In addition, blockchain technology is considered to be rather slow in terms of hosting and maintaining a decentralized exchange. Thus, in order to sustain an ideal volume of cross chain transactions, more sophisticated blockchan technology is needed to handle such high volume of transactions.

  • Lack of Interoperability

Design-wisely speaking, it’s not easy to apply blockchain technology and managing cryptocurrency more integrative and efficiently in the token economy. It’s because each chain works on its own application, and owns its own community and token.

This leads to inconvenience of users who have no choice but manage their crypto assets running on different platforms due to the lack of interoperability between applications. Moreover, since each platform offers different kinds of financial benefits, it prevents users from fully enjoying a wiser financial life.

CeFi, User Friendly Asset Integrated Management Platform

Cefi mainly offers such services via partnerships below to construct a safe and convenient crypto asset management platform:

Token Pass: FinTech + Blockchain Integrated P2P Multi Wallet developed by converging the FinTech and Blockchain technologies generates a single wallet ID with which users can utilize on all financial transactions.

ARK OF DATA: Digital Asset Protection Service secures full transparency and reliability on all transactions and certification of the users.

Pass Bot: Automatic Robotic Trading System and Defi Services helps our users make more efficient and reasonable trading decisions.

Therefore, CeFi constructs a more user friendly financial environment for our users to enjoy a more convenient and flexible financial life in our ecosystem through these three partnerships.

More importantly, true ‘decentralized’ benefits will be distributed as incentives to our users based on their contributions.

Changes of Future De-Fi Service in Financial Market

Last year, various financial projects appeared after a craze on the DeFi in the blockchain market.

FYI, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a blockchain based financial system which loans a certain amount of money for cryptocurrency as collateral or vice versa. Therefore, coins whose services mainly focus on things like payment, swap, deposit, loan, staking and etc. were more likely to have been evaluated higher than others.

According to Defipulse, a defi information site, the deposit size of crypto asset in DeFi platform reached approximately $6.87 million dollars in August, 2020. Most of it belongs to only a small number of large investors in major platforms as deposit. Though we can safely say that it shows the growth potential of the DeFi field, it contradicts the true value of ‘decentralization’ of the cryptocurrency itself in the current crypto financial market.

Therefore, CeFi hopes to solve these problems and construct a more balanced and truly decentralized crypto financial platform.

CeFi promises to pursue a user friendly financial platform only for our user’s more convenient and integrated crypto life.

Thank you for reading.




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